What does pure, raw, unfiltered mean to me?

Our goal is to provide customers with the purest honey possible.  This means we add nothing to our honey, nor do we remove anything. As the bees are working, they forage naturally.  We do not feed our producing hives sugar water or high fructose corn syrup.  When it comes to extracting honey, we do not heat our honey, which removes beneficial microbes.  We also do not filter our honey, which removes pollen and nutrients.  Select Honey is the closest you can get to honey from the hive without taking it from the bees yoursef.

What is treatment free beekeeping?

Some beekeepers "help" bees out by treating their hives to rid them of pests.  While we don't like pests such as Varroa Mites, Tracheal Mites, Small Hive Beetles, or Wax Moths, we do not introduce pesticides or chemicals into the hive to eliminate them.  The bees have been taking care of themselves forever; they don't need our help, and we don't need chemical honey.

Why is Select Honey different?

Select Honey is a small family bee farm.  We don't use pesticides, chemicals, or antibiotics in our hives, and we don't feed our honey producing hives.  We don't heat our honey or filter out pollen and beneficial microbes.  With Select Honey, you get pure, raw, unfiltered honey that is generally thick and has full-bodied flavor.  Select Honey is full of pollen and nutrients, which is valued by allergy sufferers.  When you buy Select Honey, you're getting honey as the bees made it, not sugar syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Does Select Honey use High Fructose Corn syrup to feed the bees?

We do not feed our honey producing hives.  The bees are allowed to forage for their nutritional needs naturally.  Select Honey does not use HFCS.

Is Select Honey Organic?

Technically, no. While we don't add chemicals to our hives, we can't control where our bees forage.  

My honey has crystallized! Is it still ok to eat?

All honey will crystallize.  Some crystallizes faster than others, and raw honey crystallizes faster than processed honey.  Some people actually prefer the texture of crystallized honey and spread it on toast or biscuits!  However, if you place the bottle of honey in a bowl of warm water the honey will slowly turn back into liquid form.  There is no harm in crystallization...it's natural.