Our Story


Our family began our beekeeping journey in 2012.  What started out as a hobby and a way to provide our family with delicious chemical free honey soon became a passion for our family.

The big change

Just a year into our beekeeping journey, our bees had provided us with a surplus of honey. Over 100 lbs -- more than our family could eat!  We told a few friends and within a few days we had sold out, leaving many still asking for honey.

Growing pains

We decided to up our production by increasing the number of colonies in our apiary.  We went from 2 hives to 10 hives in 2014.  Growing was a slow process for us as we wanted to increase without changing our commitment to not treat our bees.  It took us 3 years to get our number of colonies up to 50, but we were able to do this without compromising our belief in treatment free beekeeping!

What is SELECT?

When we were branding our honey, we wanted a name that not only represented the quality difference that our honey has, but also reflected that we are a family business.  We are committed to providing our family and yours with pure, raw, unfiltered honey from treatment free hives.  So SELECT was chosen because by definition, select means to be chosen from a larger number as being the best or most valuable!  Also, SELECT is an acronym for our family:  Shaun, Ethan, Luke, Elizabeth, Cara, Terrell.