The Select Difference- Why Raw Honey

Pure: Select Honey is pure honey. Our bees forage from whatever plants are in bloom. We do not feed our honey-producing hives sugar water or high fructose corn syrup, ensuring that what you receive is pure honey, not converted sugar.  

Raw: Select Honey is taken from the hive in frames of capped wax, uncapped, spun out, and bottled. We do not heat or process our honey, so when you buy Select Honey, what you get is as if you’ve taken it directly from the hive.  

Unfiltered: When honey is filtered, pollen and other nutritional benefits are removed. Select Honey is not filtered, so the honey remains as healthy and beneficial as the bees made it.  

We also do not treat our hives or add any chemicals to assist the bees. Why is this important? Honey produced by our bees will not have chemical residue from treatment. We can’t control where the bees forage, but we can control what we put into our hives! 

The bottom line: Select Honey is pure, raw, unfiltered—the closest you can get to the hive without taking the honey from the bees yourself!